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A Story of Candy
Delicious .. Enticing .. Forbidden

This exhibit examines the roots and inspirations for many of the popular candies of the 20th century. Mixing the candy with period object in a historical context the visitor will be taken back to fond memories of their youth as popular candy of their day kindles nostalgic thoughts.

18th & 19th Century Small Armaments

This exhibit examines the technological changes of small armaments between 1780 and 1875, using rifles, swords, daggers and bullets from the museum collection.

Battles; Spies; Cooties The Great War

1918 is the hundredth anniversary of the United States’ involvement in the Great War. Centerville Museum examines the major battles, the development of espionage, the changes in the technology of warfare and the personal accounts of World War One veterans.

When White was the New Black

When White was the New Black features white lawn outfits from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Several costumes on display are for young children, boys and girls.

Shipwrecks! mystery - murder - misery
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